Bought some cheap door mats, sprayed them with natural cat nip, and placed them around the house—our cats have never scratched the furniture. We have had three cats in total who have all loved their door mats. We even bought Christmas themed ones so we can change them to suit the season.—Debi Lou

To save our new rugs from kitty scratching I bought a $10 rug and rolled it up backwards. They love to scratch it and my new rugs are safe.—Carla Kilgo



For those old school cat carriers: Turn your cat around backwards. With one hand underneath your kitty on its abdomen, slide him bum first into the carrier. Works every time!—Shannon Robertson



We started trimming our cat’s nails weekly when he was a kitten with regular nail clippers. It’s so routine to him now that he actually enjoys it.—Lisa Cech



Start harness training in the house for short amounts of time. Once they’re comfortable, start extending it to walks around the yard.—Jessica Keto



Hide pills in liverwurst. And for those high pee-ers use a Rubbermaid tote with a lid and a hole cut out in front. They are taller than any other litter box on the market.—Ramona C Ruhf

Apply liquid meds and supplements on top of foot. They will groom it off.—Alexandra Heep



Honeysuckle instead of catnip, Zylkene for stressful travel.—Jennifer Carter 

Honeysuckle wood is a natural, fun alternative to cat nip that most cats totally adore—they love smelling, holding, rubbing, and even drooling over it! Order it from the honeysuckle experts at