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As the cool breeze of fall sneaks in, bringing the spirit of Halloween; we turn to Sweet Midnight designs to find everything we need to satisfy our desires for all things spooky!. Created by Renee Harper; (lover of all things furry, scaly, four legged, no legged, sharp teethed, no toothed, whiskered or winged) her passion for animals began with a 13 year old cat at a local adoption fair. BayBay, an elegant Tortoise, caught Renee’s eye and captured her heart. She was a prim and proper lady, preferring to sit with her front legs crossed while staring at you with her intense blue eyes.  This ball of fur sparked a love that only grew through the years.

Many animals have crossed Renee’s path and shared her home, but felines will always hold a special place in her heart and life. Therefore, it was a natural course of progression, and perhaps fate, that a scruffy black kitten would cross Renee’s path and serve as a creative muse. Miss Popcorn Hiss was not long meant for this world, but her legacy lives on at Sweet Midnight. While Cats are no stranger to design, long holding a place in spooky and kitschy decor and apparel, Renee has brought a new perspective to a beloved image. Using her adored furiends (Madame Houdini, Elphaba, Lady Luna Loophole, Count Goober Squishy Butt, and Knubby) as continued inspiration, she has created a new line of fantastic feline finery! From retro reminiscent cat skirts to playful kitten brooches.  As any mischief seeking kitty will tell you, there really is no limit if you have imagination! Which Renee surely does. with a houseful of furry tornadoes, the ideas (much like hairballs) never stop coming.

We hope, that whenever your feline companion gets off your keyboard, you will visit the Sweet Midnight website and check out the new line. We think it’s the cat’s pajamas. Hopefully, it will leave you as happy as your favorite cat pal is after stealing your seat! Also check out their Facebook page to find daily updates on new products and watch as Knubby and Goober grow up (and the rest of the group learn to tolerate them).

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