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Show Off Your Cattitude

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By: Marcy Very Much

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Got cattitude? You know — the feeling that cats are awesome especially because they’re so contrary and independent? Since you’re reading Modern Cat, we’re guessing you probably not only have cattitude, you love to flaunt it, and would take your kitties everywhere if you could.

Well here’s the next best option: sharing your ‘tude in your accessories. Instead of plain bags, pouches, and jewelry, you can show off all your cattiness with accessories from Marcy Very Much — including their popular “Hell No Kitty” pouches featuring Marcy Cat.

The collection also includes PussyCat Bracelets hand-woven in Los Angeles, and the #meow book bag featuring Marcy’s pesky little sister Penelope.

All the products leap from the imagination of Cynthia Mance, a cat rescuer and writer who started Marcy Very Much as a blog in 2013. It began with conversations between Cynthia and Marcy about fashion, food, and other fun stuff. Then Cynthia got the inspiration to put Marcy on a pouch. (Of course, Marcy claims it was her idea.)

What separates Marcy Very Much wear from other cat-themed accessories flooding retailers is the company’s mission to do good while doing well. A portion of all the profits goes to supporting pet rescues, recently including felines separated from their families in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

In addition, the “Hell No Kitty” and Emoji KittyFace pouches are made by Freeset, a fair trade, eco-friendly business in India that helps women fleeing the sex trade.

“The causes suit Marcy perfectly,” says Cynthia. “Because behind that fierce expression is a really loving cat.”

“Speak for yourself,” Marcy adds, trying to stifle a purr.

All Marcy Very Much wear is available at And between now and March 31, you can save 10% off your purchase if you use the code MC17.


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