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“We saved each other and we belong together”

By: Yaunna Sommersby

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photos courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

Army Sergeant Ash was deployed in the Middle East when received some upsetting family news. Making it even harder to bear was the fact that she was away from the support of her family and friends. Sgt. Ash did, however, have a roommate working for the vet on their base who knew just what she needed—a seriously ill week-old rescue kitten in need of extra care and medical attention to distract her.

Ash was ready to help and took the kitten in, monitoring her and nursing her back to health. Sgt. Ash and the kitten she named Rona became fast friends and true companions. Rona was there for the soldier during a difficult time in her deployment, and in turn Sgt. Ash was there for the sick kitten.

photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

“[She] put the cat’s box on her nightstand so she could watch her through the night. Twice she almost lost her. But she kept fighting, and with Ash’s loving care, she made it. She named her cat Rona,” Guardians of Rescue notes.

Sgt. Ash was due to head home to the United States soon, but there was a possibility she would not have been able to bring Rona home with her. Guardians of Rescue stepped in and started a fundraiser in an effort to help Sgt. Ash bring Rona home, making sure the kitten has a safe and loving forever home with Sgt. Ash. In an update Guardians of Rescue posted on Facebook, they confirmed Rona made it safely to the United States and is living her best life in her new home.

According to the fundraiser page, “Sgt. Ash is doing everything she can to make Rona a permanent part of her family. Terrifyingly, the vet said that once Sgt. Ash left her deployment, that Rona would be put back in the wild to fend for herself.”

photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

Rona went through various health screenings and the complicated process of international pet travel, which is a process the Guardians of Rescue organization has experience in.

“We saved each other and we belong together,” says Sgt. Ash. “I’m grateful for their help, as well as to everyone who donates to help make it possible.”

photo courtesy of Guardians of Rescue

By: Yaunna Sommersby

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