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Meet brandi-lee

Having snack strawberry yogurt with my dad and mom. I love to watch TV. I sit in my window and talk to my friends I come running when mom tells me my friends are outside. I am so happy to have the parents I have my mom climb a six foot fence to get me on the pouring rain as I cried louder and louder and my mom is almost a senior citizen but that is how important it was to save me and I am so thankful to god I have the parents I have. I will never be sad,lost or hurt again. I love mom a dad

Facts About Me
  • Age 11 months
  • Nicknames brandi
  • Dislikes when dad and mom go bye-bye
  • Foods yogurt, bread, cottage cheese and pineapple and most of all my snacks
  • Pastimes when my mom found me I was a baby lost on a bad street with bad people and lots of cars and she put me in her pocket and took me home and I am safe forever
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