Mr. Whithers

Orange & White Tabby

Meet Mr. Whithers

Our cat; Mr. Whithers, is an outdoor cat & the oldest of five. He can be a little ornery and dominating toward his other cat sibs & especially estranged cats that dare to show up around his domain. He and his siblings are a true asset to our home and more over very entertaining. His persistency for seeking affection from people is something to be awed at. We love Mr. Wither's enthusiasm for life and the social awkwardness that gives him that extra unique touch.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 years old
  • Nicknames Whithers, Weevers & Stanley
  • Dislikes Unfimilar cats and animals.
  • Foods Dry Cat Food, Tuna & Bugs
  • Pastimes Napping, Hunting, Showing off Dominance
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