Gillagain and Addicus

Meet Gillagain and Addicus

These cats are opposites and engage in tons of fights together, overall they love each other at the end of the day. They will take turns licking one another. Atticus was living in a car and abused by a lady he was adopted at the adoption center, years later Gillagain was adopted there too. Before sitting the chair Gillagain will paw at the blanket until it\'s underneath to sit on. Atticus will find old cat toys to play with by himself and go upstairs to greet everyone with a bleet like a goat.

Facts About Me
  • Age Both 6
  • Nicknames (Atticus) kiss, Addie, crybaby (Gillagain) Gilly, Gill-Bill kiss #2
  • Dislikes Sharing catnip toys, Atticus will hit Gillagain when he plays with one infront of him regardless of who\'s watching.
  • Foods Atticus loves everything he can get his paws including chicken boneson Gillagain likes to keep it simple and eat his regular cat food.
  • Pastimes Cuddling in a pizza box or the chair in the picture.
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