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Meet Skye

The Domestic Shorthair
ChloeClik England

Skye had quite a dramatic start in life, born in the wild forest in Scotland his Mother carried him and two of his siblings to a lady in the local town. The lady took the cat in and when she let her out she brought back three other kittens who luckily were fine.  We adopted the the first three, Skye, Arran and Domino! The best decision of our life.

Skye Pop, Pop, Blackbeard, Poppy
Sleeping, Eating, howling for food at five in the morning, howling to be let in everyone's room at six in the morning, howling to be let outside, howling for food, eating more. Sleeping all day until he starts to howl for food.
A banana being anywhere near him or any other fruit especially orange. The hoover which he will flee from. Being in the rain even when the door is open for him to come in.
Favorite Foods
One day he will love a certain cat food and the next he won't even sniff it!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, eating and howling for food or whatever he wants at the time. Sleeping on his piano stool at night the porch which we had converted into a bedroom for him!

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