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Meet Kahleesi

The Part Bengal, part Abyssinian
Inga Binyon Gualala, California

We lost our beloved "Porkchop" 11 years ago and it was so hard on us, we grieved for years. Our son recently adopted a rescue and when we visited we fell in love with her. Our "Grandkitty" Coco got us thinking maybe it was time to open our hearts again.We adopted Kali a little over a month ago, at the age of  9 months. She spent the first two weeks hiding under the bed, but she is starting to get her play on. We adore her, can't imagine life without her!

9 months
Sunbeams, Lounging on my bed, tunneling in behind the bed pillows
Being picked up!
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo Chicken for Kittens, Purebites Chicken, Greenies treats
Favorite Pastimes
Grooming, Playing with her feather toy and her squeaky mouse

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