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Meet Anther

The Domestic shorthair
Heather Surprenant Gansevoort

My Anther is so loving!  She loves being around people!  I picked her out from a no-kill shelter.  After I picked her up and held her for a little bit and then left the room to fill out paperwork, Anther stood up and leaned against the bottom half of the door of that room to look at me.  The woman I was dealing with told me she had never done that before.  It was obvious that Anther and I were meant to be together!  :-)

Tiny, Friendship
Cleaning herself from sink, drinking from sink, catnip, layibg on people, watchiing TV, playing with her "mouseball" when she's in the mood.
Being alone.
Favorite Foods
Rachel Ray cat food, sardines, chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping or watching TV. Laying down on people (especially on her parents!). Hanging out on the picnic table in the nice weather.

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