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Meet Mitsey

The domestic short hair
ariel gold coast

I adopted mitsey from animal welfare league when she was 2 months,she is now 16months,she loves playing fetch with hair elastics, she can't meow but makes these strange but cute noises, she loves knocking things off the table and she does the ninja cat thing also hides around corners to pounce on me ( more like just jump up in the air with her front paws out to grab me but doesn't ) loves snuggling on my lap,chest but doesn't like being picked up and held

16 months
mits, bubba, mitsey moo
scratches on the face, playing fetch, food, watching birds
noise, people she doesn't know, water being picked up, getting claws clipped, belly rubs
Favorite Foods
fancy feast
Favorite Pastimes
chilling in the sun looking outside

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