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Meet Cali the Curious!

The Domestic Short Hair
Vanessa Rottner Toronto

Cali is assured self-assured and knows her style.mmerging from kittenhood into 10 months of age.

 Playful and affectionate, will drop pieces of paper behind your feet with a quick tap, tap - "Play with Me Mummy". She loves to stand on your shoulders and uses her human as a stepping stool or perch to secure the best view.  Inquisitive she is known as Cali the Curious.

10 months
Cali, Kalamazoo, Zoo zoo, Cali- Cali, Good Girl
to use her human as a stepping stool, loves engage in play.
Favorite Foods
Purina Vets Development Moist food wet and dry
Favorite Pastimes
Engage in intelligent playtime.

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