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Meet Xanthus

Brandi Morgan Portland, OR

Xanthus is a 7 month old kitten now. I started fostering him when he was about a week old. He was the only living kitten and his mom, who was pretty young herself, wasn't very interested in nursing him. She wanted to do anything but it seemed. I bottle fed him a couple of times and this seemed to spark something in her, so she would finally let him nurse for long periods of time. I adopted him when he came of age! He is very photogenic...

7 monthis
Drinking out of the toilet or a sink.
Fresh meat like liver, uncooked chicken, etc... (go figure)
Favorite Foods
Anything that I am eating. I won't let him have it though...
Favorite Pastimes
Tackling and chasing his younger brother (another kitten I adopted.)

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