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Meet CiCi

The Tuxedo kitty
Dawn Lordan Revere Ma

CiCi is the baby of our 3 beautiful fur babies. She's an absolute doll!!! She's an emotional support cat by nature. It's amazing! As soon as she knows someone is upset she runs to comfort them. I have had many cats in my lifetime, but I've never seen a cat do this. She's so sweet and lovable. We love her so much it's ridiculous. In fact, we got her fresh salmon just the other day for her first birthday. And yes we lit a candle and the whole family sang ! 

Piddles, baby beesh beesh, mama , captain cute face
Snuggling, treats, playing with siblings
The vacuum, having her nails clipped
Favorite Foods
Salmon, tuna
Favorite Pastimes
Snuggling with mama and daddy

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