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Meet Glam!

The Domestic shorthair
Natasha Big bear, Ca

Glam is currently my foster kitty and I've had her for 4 months. After losing my tortie to kidney disease 2 years ago, I decided to start fostering cats.Glam was my first foster and I believe it was in the stars for her to be a tortie.She has a big personality and is quite the chatterbox; both qualities that I love. She was supposed to be a "difficult case" but it did not turn out that way. She is affectionate, silly, and playful; even non-cat people love Glam! 

Grams, squeekies
Food, getting brushed, and butt scratches
Nail trims
Favorite Foods
Pretty much anything! Current favorite is fussy cat wet food
Favorite Pastimes
Observing things outside and chatting with hoomins

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