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Meet Chloe

The Siamese
Monique Kjaerbaek Kelowna

Chloe is an aspiring supermodel who deliberately poses for the camera, and is fond of direct eye contact, since she automatically senses the camera.  Hobbies include destroying furniture, sleeping, pacing, attempting to escape outside, sunbathing, watching television, hunting birds, and avoiding food.  Fond of strangers and outgoing, she has a demanding personality.  Presently single and a Mama's girl.

Princess, Her Royal Majesty, Pussywuss,
Plants, leather, fur, rabbits, birds, cameras, string, embroidery, expensive pillows, chairs, high places, sunlight, treats
Old food, wet food, meat, dandelions, weeds, cold, water, petting
Favorite Foods
Expensive vet food
Favorite Pastimes
Sleep, hunting, pacing

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