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Meet Montezuma commonly known as Zuma

The Ebony Oriental
Alan & Diane Lay Auckland New Zealand

Zuma is a 10 month old Ebony Oriental who is very intelligent and full of mischief. Our Vet describes him as "very humanised" which is true, but he has already established himself as a ringleader among the local cats and he has endeared himself to the neighbours with his cheeky and friendly disposition. He brings home "presents" which are usually stolen  toys from the neighbourhood - have tried showing him $50 notes but he hasn't got the message yet!

10 months
Living with us and having freedom to explore the local neighbourhood.
Being picked up by small children
Favorite Foods
Prime minced beef. Purina biscuits.
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing and retrieving toy mouse. Playing in cat tunnel.

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