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Meet mini kitty

The munchkin
Kelsey (kat) Thornton California now in Salem,ma
Min Min is a a munchkin cat with the most expressive face and eye's. She's a destructive little thing especially for a tiny little low-rider of a cat. She's super loving to everyone, but she's also trying to be Queen of the house and with 4 other cats she makes her small size be known around the house by flipping on her side and attacking with the tiniest of paws, small but fierce my little min-min maroooo is! And the funniest meow i can only explain as a raspy old ladies voice!
min-min kitten, min-min marooooooo! little terror
being the center of Attention, always!
when another cat gets more of my time then her
Favorite Foods
the cat treats i sneak her when my father isnt looking lolsn't
Favorite Pastimes
watching t.v by my feet, being destructive, clawing and bunny kicking a favorite toy!

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