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Meet Mittz and Baby Hank

The American short Hair
Lindsey Wall Indiana, PA

Mittz is a gray six year old American Short Hair cat. He is polydactyl and actually has a totally of 8 toes on each hand! He is the coolest, sweetest cat in the world and has taken in both my other cats like his own kittens right away. He loves them, cleans them, plays with them and is so kind to them as well as to anyone he meets. In this picture he is holding my newest addition young Hank, a rescue from an amazing local cat shelter, Cat Tales.

MittZy, Mittz-man and Hank, Hankey-Pankey
Being pet, belly rubs, getting scratched under the chin, snuggles, cat toys, the laser pointer, and playing tag.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, bread, yogurt, avocado and of course wet cat food
Favorite Pastimes
Cat naps, snuggling with his mom, dad, and his little sister and brother, playing with toys and catnip, going outside on walks on his leash

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