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Meet Maximus Cutie Pie

The Persian and Ragdoll
Heather Tobin Waterboro, Maine

Maximus Cutie Pie lives up to his name with his BIG personality, giant double paws, and soulful blue green eyes all wrapped up in this adorable ball of fluff. In between darting around like a little madmen, stalking his toy mice, Maximus can be found reclining on his humans' laps while watching his favorite cooking shows.  Ever vocal, Maximus is a purring engine and quite the meowing conversationalist. His other hobbies include endless cuddling and sunbathing.

17 weeks
Cutie Pie, Fluffy Kitty,
Stalking toy mice and human ankles, watching TV, cuddling
Waiting for his dinner, nail trimming, rainy days
Favorite Foods
Grain free chicken kibble, kitty chicken and beef pâté
Favorite Pastimes
Sun bathing, racing up and down stairs, claiming laps for naps

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