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Meet Xanthus & Finn

The DSH & Snowshoe Mix
Brandi Morgan Portland, OR

I fostered both kittens. I first fostered Xanthus-Silver DSH Tabby along with his mom. I had to bottle feed him for a bit, until his mom finally decided to let him nurse on a regular basis.  During that time I got Finn's (Finn is a Snowshoe Mix) mom-who had three other kittens along with Finn. They bonded rather well, so when they both came of age I adopted them. They love each other's company and play until exhausted every day!!! They are 40 days apart in age.

Xanthus-3.1 months, Finn-2 months
I refer to them as my 2 princes! Finn-Klepto (he is always "stealing" articles of clothing and running around the house with them!!!)
Strings, laser light, & feathers
Bathes-both, Finn-being alone
Favorite Foods
Fresh carved turkey meat
Favorite Pastimes
Tackling each other

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