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Meet Thembran

The Tigercat
Halima Burlington, Iowa

This is Thembran, he's not really clinkgy, but he's a great cat. He's playful and he is carring and always looking out for the other cats. He's always doing something, even though he sleeps a lot. He's always still doing something, he always tries to find things to do. He has way to much engery. He's very kind and sweet cat, slowly takes him time to warm up to people, but all in all he's just precious.

Alexander, Hunners,
Likes to run around the house early in the morning. If you leave your coffee out, he will drink out of it. Loves looking out of the window. He loves food,when you say the word food, he gets all excited.
Don't like others biting his tail, people or other cats all up in his face. He doesn't the smell of nice smelly stuff, such as peppermint, candles, cough drops, air freshener,anything girly.
Favorite Foods
fish, chicken, shrimp, crab, Frikies wet cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
He sleeps a lot, when he is not being bothered. Chase other cats around the house.

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