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Meet Fred

The Feral
Claire Unknown

Fred's is a true rags to riches story. He turned up starving, infested with lice and a rancid ear infection. He was trapped and castrated. Months of T.L.C. turned him from a hissing, spitting, scared mess into my best friend. He repays this kindness with unconditional love and endless cuddles. Fred's arrival was very timely due to ill health and the isolation that comes with that. Together we have grown into healthy, happy beings with each other's support.

Dribbles, Squirty
Cuddles - lots, Sleeping in the dirt, Girls
Fred loves life. Simple. Not having enough cuddles.
Favorite Foods
Chilli con Carne, Milk (opps), Anything - he was feral but is a good boy and doesn't catch the wildlife
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddles, Annoying his foster brother Charlie

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