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Meet Sir Merwin

The long haired
Cathy Derosier New Britain,Ct

Sir Merwin is a rescued cat who was rescued by me but he rescued me to!! We both live in Sir Merwins home looking t be together for many years.Sir Merwin does not like me taking pics of him.He moves his head every time I learned how to get it before he turns his head.I love so much there are no words to tell you.I'm in a wheelchair and from day 1 it didn't scare Merwin.in fact he sleeps on it when I'm not in it.

2 1/2
lettuce,roses,Temptation Chicken treats,jelly donuts,yogurt,loves water
Favorite Foods
same as likes
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping on my mom's computer,running after my aid/friend,sleeping anywhere he wants

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