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Meet Angelus

The Foreign White (white siamese)
Mandi Albuquerque
Our Blue eyed beauty loves to take baths,have his ears cleaned and nails clipped he's quite the little Prince of the house. He loves to snuggle and lay on his back like a baby in our arms. He knows tricks and commands in English as well as German. He's not just a kitten he's our baby
15 wks
He loves to play peek a boo its a game we play where I lay under the covers and he goes to the end of the bed and waits for me to say peek a boo then he pokes hout a little bit then ducks down a cpl times and jumps on me and gives kisses and I say u gotme
Being alone
Favorite Foods
Chicken flavored treats
Favorite Pastimes
His bug catching times. He does the cutest prance afterwards and always gets a treat

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