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Meet Flower

The Siamese
Karen Facenda Quakertown PA

Flower is the weirdest cat I have ever known.  He does some strange things but loves his family. He was found at a car show along with his brother when he was only a few weeks old.  His name is Flower because it took a while to see that he was a boy.  We only found out when he was fixed, but he was still my Flower ! He loves headbuts and face smears (smurgle) with his Mom, he will then drool excessivly.

Flower Powers
Headbuts, Dryer Blankets, Talking, anywhere really warm.
Loud noises, strangers, the cold.
Favorite Foods
Friskies, no human food at all.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, headbuts with Mom, being wrapped in dryer clothes

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