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Meet Dusty

The Unknown. (Rare)
Cynthia Cole Deer Park Ohio

Dusty, a cat i've had my entire life. I got him when i was in my mid 20's. Dusty was being abused and bullied by the street kids, he was just a kitten. I felt very bad for the poor guy, so i brought him in, his way of thanking me was curling up with me, protecting me, and loving me. Which he did so very well. Dusty was my bestest friend, he never caused drama, he never hurt me, he was just somebody who'd love you for everything you did, no need for a husband. I love him.

13 (In cat years)
Buddy, Dusty-buns. Buba
Catnip,cuddling,purring,his brother, and r&b music.
Favorite Foods
Beef & ham fancyfeast

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