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Meet Harley

The Maine Coon Mix
Jennifer R. Springfield, MO

Harley is Maine Coon mix that I rescued from the local humane society. My boyfriend picked her up while I was at work. When I got home, I sat in the living room floor and said, "Come here baby" in a soft voice. She came straight out of the bedroom, climbed up my chest, tucked her little head under my chin, and started purring right away! I almost cried! I knew instantly that she was mine!

1 and 1/2
Chicken flavored kitty treats and sweet tea
Comforters. She insists on sleeping by my side with the covers pulled back every night!
Favorite Foods
Orijen Six Fish. It's all natural and she loves it!
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting at the front door watching the squirrels and birds

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