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Meet Whitu aka Purry Weepoo, (7 toes).

The Polydactyl DSH
Barbara J. Manning Tokoroa

Whitu is a polydactyl DSH, a very dominant and bossy boy living in Tokoroa! Whitu thinks he's a dog, a very big dog...probably a doberman!  Whitu has his own dog, Daisy, who he loves playing with.  He also has a couple of feline fur-siblings, Jonah and Pennycat.  Whitu has 7 toes on his front feet and 6 on his rear, 26 toes in total.  

2 years
Whitu, Purry Weepoo, Bossy
Daisy, Jonah and Pennycat, water, dog obedience training with mummy and Daisy
Favorite Foods
cat food, whatever Daisy is eating, cicadas, moths, flies, treats
Favorite Pastimes
Playing on the computer, playing with Daisy, bossing the others around, cuddles with mummy

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