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Meet Tucker

The DSH - Tabby
Jennifer Clermont, Fl
HI! Mai name iz Tucker Breedlove. I iz 7 mos old. I wuz adopted by Jennifer and Tom Breedlove on 03/27/2014. Mew see, mommy and daddy had a kitteh name Zook. He dot real sick. He became mommy's personal angel on 02/17/14. It really hurt mommy. Zook came to me and said to be at Petsmart in Davenport, Fl on 03/26/14 because mommy and daddy would be there to look around. So, I went. I wuz in a room wif anudder kitteh who daddy said look just like Zook!!! ( coincidence? ) Mommy saw me had to hab me!
7 months
tuck tuck, lil man
tearing up TP, zooming around at 3 am, my new home
not too much I don't like
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
playing with my new brother, batting around the chirpy bird

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