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Meet Twinkle Star Edwards

The Orange Tabby
Jean Edwards Idaho Falls, ID

She's my baby girl, even though she's almost 5 years old. She has a sixth sense when it comes to how I'm feeling. It's like she can tell when I'm stressed out, upset, or just plain agrivated at everything and everybody. I love her and she has given me unconditional love and support for 3 years the 20th of this past January. In my life at this point in time, she truly is the STAR, thus her middle name.

Baby Kitty, Sweet Angel, Twinkle Star
Playing with her toys, laying on my laptop keyboard, watching TV with me and lots of petting and attention.
Trips to the vet, strange dogs and cats, and the cat carrier.
Favorite Foods
Chicken, Turkey, and Fish flavored Sheba Canned Cat Food or Purina Indoor Formula Dry Cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping on my bed or laying on the floor in the sun.

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