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Meet Ozzy

The Bombay
Jessie Solender

Ozzy used to live in Maine but now resides in North Carolina after our family moved South 4 years ago. Ozzy has only one working kidney and almost died twice from kidney failure. Both of those times we were told he would have 2-3 more months left, but here he is 3 years later! Needless to say, he is our miracle cat. He is the funniest, sweetest, most energetic and loving cat there ever was, and we hope he has many more years ahead of him!

Oz, Zum-Zum, Black Brick
Being scratched, cuddling, treats, yogurt
Getting poked with an IV to help my kidneys :(
Favorite Foods
Yogurt, Milk, Peanut Butter, Icecream
Favorite Pastimes
Running around, sleeping, playing with my brother Jerry

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