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Meet Moses

Audrey Maloney El Sobrante, CA

Moses is a family cat and I can't remember my life without him. He is getting very old now but the strange thing is, it seems as though he is reverting back to the behavior of a kitten. He has become much more vocal, active, and affectionate recently. Even his purr has gotten louder. He is such a character and he is a really wonderful cat. He has been through a lot of medical problems in his life but he always made it through. He's a strong, wise, and truely sweet cat. 

not sure. around 15-20
Tooty, Mosito, Burnt Chocolate Muffin, Maush, Mosey.
Catnip, sunny gardens, catching mice, milk, whipped cream.
Baths, rain, vegetables.
Favorite Foods
Tuna, Fish skins, Steak, cheese.

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