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Meet Lucy

The Long Hair

We adopted Lucy when she was four years old. Her favorite tv show is Animal Planet and loves listening to her daddy playing the keyboard! She will only drink from the bathtub faucet and if that's not turned on she will let us know by opening and slamming the cabinet door to let us know she's thirsty! She also loves to spin ALL the toilet paper off the roll and make deposits in and out of the Toilet Bowl! Very playful and we love her!

Lucinda, LucyLoo, Bubba and Tooters
Cats Meow & Mega Scratchers and Treats!
The drive to the Doctors office
Favorite Foods
Science Diet, Home made Pasta Sauce (found on the counter) and Shrimp
Favorite Pastimes
TV, Music, Looking out the window watching for birds, squirrels, deer and whatever else!!

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