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Meet Mia

The tabby
Rebecca Newcastle

This is Mia at her cheekiest! 

She is a ninja! As you can see, she is always on the look out even when grooming her lucious coat. Here she has spotted the enemy mouse mid lick! Watch out when mias about! Beautiful and loving at home but a very curious miss! She will fool you with her perring but is actually intelligent, she will give you paw before a treat or just stick her paw in and eat it when your not looking! 

4 years approx
Baby, mia mittens, mia moo, miow
Food, sleep, dreamies alot!, food, more sleep and did i mention food?
Strangers tickling her tumtum, when you dont give her dreamies
Favorite Foods
Chicken, Dreamies! ...any meat! And whatever your eating shel want!
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds eating seed on the ipad, as well as her favourite fish swimming by

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