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Meet Autumn

The Tourtière
Linda Cummings Oxford Mi.
My Autumn is very special to me, she follows me everywhere I go, we share a very special bond, always affectionate, loving and caring to anyone she meets, she's my very special kitty, sleeps with me at night, so I'll never be lonely as long as she's by my side, alway's my forever friend, her loyalty is genuine, she love's to play hide and seek, and other fun games. My life would be empty without her in it, Love you my beautiful Autumn.
1 year and 7 month's
People, toy's boxes. And cuddling on your lap.
Dogs that bark loud, doesn't like plastic bags
Favorite Foods
She love's Purina Cat Chow,a Fancy a Feast. Most any kind of treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Sitting or laying on Grandma's lap, or my lap, looking out patio door, looking out window on couch, playing by herself sometimes.

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