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Meet Autumn

The Calico
Sylvia Bloomsburg

Autumn is a 2 year old cat that showed up to my house thanksgiving night emaciated and very hungry. I have her some left over turkey on a plate and hoped she would be ok in morning. I woke up early to see if she still was around and she was fast asleep on my porch, I picked her up brought her inside gave her a nice bath- she was covered in flea and ticks so flea treatment helped remove the one I couldn't get. She is now fat, happy and spayed and loved with food daily. 

Kitty kitty
Wet kitty food, cat nip, feathers and string
Cheap food, and baths
Favorite Foods
Wet food, and treats!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping in a warm bed at night, cat nip, and watching people out the window

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