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Meet Callie

The Mixed
Sam Pittsburgh, PA

Callie is the sweetest, friendliest little girl.  She's 6 years old, but her first 5 years weren't very good.  She was left outside, ignorned & was very underweight. When I bought my house in 2012 I met her on my front porch & we became fast friends. When I realized her owners never let her inside, even though it was winter, I brought her into my home. Those people have since moved & Callie is now a beloved & cherished member of our family forever.

Cuddling, Eating(Too Much!), Playing, Being Brushed, Lots of Attention!
Having her nails trimmed, Not getting her way,
Favorite Foods
Her crunchies, Temptation crunchy treats of all flavors (but she doesn't like her healthy wet food she's supposed to eat)
Favorite Pastimes
Getting petted and snuggled, Chasing her white toy rattle mice, playng with dangling shoe laces, Eating her Temptation treats, Naps in the Sunshine

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