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Meet Seven

The Egyptian Mau
Ahmed Saudi Arabia

The 7th souls Hero,

it was Seven bites that changed my life, 

7 months ago I adobted Se7en and I was so different person than who I am now, I couldn't understand the souls of people but I always communicate with their souls not looks, but after seven bites i learned what is the need of people by deeply understanding who people are! it's love but every creature has a different gate of love and you must find the key to their souls and get connected.

Saladki ' lovely boy in russian' girls used to call me that ;p
Annoying him while Masturbating.
Favorite Foods
He is realistic and believe that he is a cat and telling me please don't get fooled by marketing brands and let me eat some real food man! >:D
Favorite Pastimes
His bite that made me stay in hospital with big blue hand.

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