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Meet Yankee Doodle

The Mixed
Dawn Hughey Swartz Creek Mi.

Yankee Doodle is 2 and a half years old. I had her parents and I also have her sister cat CD. They were born close to the 4th of July and Doodle was the only one of 8 that was different. All the rest were black or brown tabbies. She was the first to do anything, litter box, food, climb out of box, onto the sofa and then the bed. She is a very good baby and comes everytime I call her. When I say lets go to bed, she runs ahead and jumps in first and stays there. She is very playful .

2 1/2
Doody, Mt. Doodle, Noodle,many more and she will answer to all
Chicken temptations, reciepts rolled up into balls and hair bands shot across the room, she can catch them all. We have over 200!
Any human food
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast and a little skim milk each night.
Favorite Pastimes
Her cat tree, 6ft tal, loves the tip top, playing hairbands.

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