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Meet Babuska (Bubba) and Jewels

The DSH grey tux, DLH calico
Bonnie and Jason Shoreline, WA

Bubba was found in a gutter at 7 days old and brought to us. She was very sick and skinny but had a whole lot of fight in her. We fell in love rigt away and decided to keep her instead of adopting her out. Now she's our baby. Jewels was found on a farm with a whole lot of other kitties and brought to us, I just couldn't give her up either. She's loud and can be annoying but she's the best cuddle bug there is and has endless amounts of love to give.

4 years old.
Bubba, JuJu B
A warm lap, crinkle balls, feathers
loud noises, outside, car rides
Favorite Foods
bread, tuna, chicken
Favorite Pastimes
watching t.v.

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