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Meet Osiris

The Maine Coon Mix
Cheryn Stoke-On-Trent

Osiris is a naughty cat at the best of times, but she never fails to make us laugh! Her 'meow' of choice is a cheerful chirp that sounds out of this world, and her favourite playthings are bubbles and string (forget all the fancy toys that have been brought for her!) She hates being left alone & is very affectionate & loyal. Since she was a kitten, I've managed to train her to sit and stand on command for a treat - but that is the limit as far as she is concerned!

1.3 years
bubbles, string, laser lights, dice, mice, corn snakes & cuddles
wind, water, being alone & chicken
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin, all wet food
Favorite Pastimes
Being lazy and sleeping on the chair

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