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Meet Tucker

The Maine Coon
Brittany Miller Easton PA

Tucker is the sweetest, most gentle giant, weighing over 20 pounds and over 3 feet long from nose to tail! Cuddling with him is like snuggling with a body pillow. He doesn't meow, he squeaks. He comes when called & LOVES to play fetch!  He can usually be found sprawled out on the dog's bed, coffee table, or across our queen size bed!  He has calmed a wild cat we had and mothered two kittens.  LOVE HIM!!!

1 1/2 years old
Tuck-Tuck, Monkey
lazer light, fuzzy balls, feather toys, large flat surfaces
loud noises, being spooked
Favorite Foods
Tiki Cat, Orijen, cheese
Favorite Pastimes
playing soccer with his balls, head butts, sprawling & napping on his back, playing fetch, grooming his kitten

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