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Meet Missy

The White Cat
Renata Bazan Mission Texas

Missy has a funny background. 
When I first got her, i thought she was a she. But after 3 months of calling her Missy and she understanding by that name, i came to discover that she was actually a he. I felt horrible for what i had done to him, but in the end i just left her as a she because i came to love her as a she and she understands by a female name. And so she will forever remain as a she.

2 years in cat years. Since she was born 5 months
To drink milk from a bottle. To play. To eat. To sleep. To chase running people. Play with her tail.
To be bothered. Can Cat food.
Favorite Foods
Milk, Broccoli, Spinach, Rice, Avocado, Beans, Cat food, Meat, Fruit Gummies.
Favorite Pastimes
Play with Teddy Bears. Play in the Grass. Bother Snowy, another cat in the house.

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