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Meet Indy

The Domestic Shorthair
Venita Fischer Bowen Australia

Little Indy Boo was found dunped on the edge of a road where luckily my mum found her and brought her to my house. Now 6 mths later, she truly has changed our home. My 16yr old cat Coils has a new lease on life and watchs over her for me when she is outside. My other boy, Soxy has a friend who looks up to him finally, and since playing with Indy more has even trimmed that garlfield waist of his and braves the outside world so much more, even if only to show off for his little sister.

8 mths
Indy Boo, Indy windy/bindi/racecar
Two big bother cats, they're cool!
Bugs, all must die
Favorite Foods
Mreow Milk
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing Bugs

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