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Meet Simba

The Russian Blue
Patience Gaines Anderson, SC

This is Simba. We found him when he was 3 months old. I watched as a woman took him in the palm of her hand, and toss him to the side. I did not hesitate to run down the stairs and scoop him up. We thought he was a girl so "her" name was Rosie. Well Rosie was a BOY! We have raised him ever since. Sadly, he slipped outside one night, and got hit by a car :(. He is on the road to recovery, and has to take medicine for the rest of his life. How many votes can my handsome boy get?

1 year
SimButt, SimbaBaby, Simby, Simbo Bimbo
He is such a free spirit, he loves everything
Staying inside!
Favorite Foods
He loves most all foods, but he can only have soft food now!
Favorite Pastimes
Running around, sleeping in drawers, playing in tall grass

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