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Meet Yoda

The Long-haired Siamese mix
Eileen Gwynn Syracuse

Yoda is as amazing as his name!  He loves cuddles with his mom early in the morning, especially when it's cold.  He also loves chasing pipe cleaner spiders, and laser dots.  On occasion, he can even bark!  He helps his mom make her bed, decorate the house for holidays, and especially loves Christmas!  He's so brave, growling at people daring to walk his sidewalks, and hates dogs.  His most favorite activity, though, is watching the birds out front!

Hissy Hoo and Handsome
Catnip, pork, and playing outside.
Dogs, fish, baths, and dogs. Did I mention dogs?
Favorite Foods
Pork, nip, CHEESE, milk, and sour cream.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing outside, watching the birds eat from their feeder, and chasing things.

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