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Meet Mr. Bigglesworth

The himalayan tabby mix
Alison Pascal Monmouth, Oregon

Mr. Bigglesworth has as much personality as he has fur. He is a very outgoing and curious cat and is always getting himself into mischief. He is a very happy kitty who spends most of the time roaming the fields of our farm and playing with the eight other kitties we have adopted, most of whom were at one time abandoned strays. There is never a dull moment with him around! 

2 years
Biggie, Mr. Biggs, Fluffenstuff
Mr. Duck, ear scratches, sunbeams, chasing crickets, laundry baskets and stealing your jalapeño cheetos when you aren't paying attention
car rides and whistling
Favorite Foods
Purina cat chow, half and half, scrambled eggs, anything with cheese
Favorite Pastimes
cuddles, playing with his yellow duck plush toy, chasing string, playing with his litter mates, making messes at the food dish

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