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Meet Pinkerton

The Domestic Short Hair
Anthea & Henry Sydney

This is Pinkerton. We adopted him from the RSPCA in early 2012 as a companion for our other cat, when our first cat ran away from home leaving us all very sad. Pinkerton brightened up our lives however, and we have never looked back.

He is extremely affectionate and friendly, he loves cuddles and attention. He does not meow so much as constantly squeak and bark for pats. He loves his food, and while he is not a fan of being dressed up, is not averse to the occasional fitting of a

Almost 2
Pinky, Pink, The Pink, Pinkster, Pinkerston, Pinkerpuss, Fatty, The Orange One
Food, cuddles, attention, the laser pointer
Being ignored, being hungry
Favorite Foods
Science Diet and whatever he can sneak from the table.
Favorite Pastimes
Pats, peeing over the drain in the bathtub

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