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Meet Chaplin & Sebastian

The Tuxedo
KJ Washington, DC

This is my "little" boys Sebastian and Chaplin.  This photo was taken the day I brought Chaplin home.  As you can see, he found a friend right away.  Both are rescues (as well as their sister).  Sebastian showed up on my doorstep on the coldest day in January one year.  I opened the door, he came in and went straight for the cat food in the kitchen.  I put up posters but no one claimed him so he's mine now!  I adopted Chaplin from a litter of k

2 & 4
Sebastione & Chaplinito
Laser pointers, belly rubs, cat nip, strawberries
Vacuum, closed doors of any kind
Favorite Foods
Taste of the Wild and BFF
Favorite Pastimes
sleeping, playing together, looking out the window

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